Swim Lessons
Swim Lessons
that come to you
Relax this summer
Relax this summer
know your child can swim at home
Get the family involved
Get the family involved
swim lessons don't stop with the kids
Get private swim lessons in your own home during a time that works best for you and your family.
Water safety is everyone's responsibility. Get the whole family involved with these interactive classes.
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Jackie and Sabrina are local Yumans with a passion for water safety.
Child laying on pool float shaped like a sea shell

The Bucket List – Toys We Use for Swim Lessons

Get the tools your child needs to practice their new skills from swim lessons even after the instructor has left your home.

4 Water Hazards You Might Not Think About

When you have a pool at home, drowning is a tragedy your family needs to be aware of all year round. Read more about the risks you might not think of around the pool.

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