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3 of the Best Pool Toys for this Summer

When I was a kid, we used to spend countless hours playing outside in the pool. In hindsight, our favorite pool toys were always the ones that really got us moving, swimming from one end of the pool to the other.

We know your kids have probably been at home for some time now and the pools will soon be warm enough to swim. Now’s the time to order pools toys you can surprise them with when it’s time to swim again!

Here are 3 of the best pool toys:

1) The Watermelon Ball

This ball fills up with water and is buoyant beneath the surface of the water just like an actual watermelon would be. In swim lessons, we pass the ball back and forth under and at the surface of the water while treading water.

2) The Sharkpedo

This takes off like a rocket through the water when thrown. When we were kids, we would slam it horizontally on the surface of the water and it would skip on the water like you can skip rocks. This perfected our diving skills as kids and made us fantastic underwater swimmers.

3) Swim Thru Rings

Swimming through rings just has something magical about it for kids. As an added perk, while they’re playing they’re becoming better swimmers. They’re coodination in the water is improving and they’re often learning to hold their breath for longer as the distance and number of rings increases.

What are your family’s favorite pool toys? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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September 10th is the last day available for swim lessons in 2020.
Availability for lessons is limited, but it may still be possible for your child to learn to swim.
(We've seen some children learn in as little as 1 lesson even.)