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3 Ways to Keep Your Pool Warm For Fall

Happy autumn! The temperatures outside have started to decline and so are those temperatures in your pool.  While some families I work with say they swim almost all year long, the temperatures in other pools are starting to induce shivers in kiddos – and even myself this time of year!

If you’re wanting to extend your pool’s season for a bit longer or want to swim earlier next spring you’ve got options.

1) Liquid Solar Blankets

This chemical creates a film on the surface of your pool.  It reduces evaporation and heat loss.  It won’t necessarily make your pool swimmable in the winter time if your family doesn’t swim that time of year normally, but it can add some extra comfort to the last month of two of swimming.

There are two different options of liquid pool blanket to choose from.  This first option is a pool blanket in a bottle that you can pour into your pool’s skimmer or in front of your pool’s jets while the filter is running. solar blanket in a bottle productThe second option is the Solar Pill.  It floats in your skimmer basket and won’t have you measuring and readding chemicals to your pool quite as often.  Since it does have chemicals in it to disperse over time, you’ll want to make sure your kiddos hands stay out the skimmer basket area.

Solar Pill Product

2) Solar Blankets

Solar blankets are physical blankets that float on the surface of the water and heats up the water beneath while also helping to reduce evaporation.  The blankets look really similar to blue bubble wrap.

These are far more effective than the liquid blankets, but also take some extra work.  To first put it on your pool, it’s recommended you cut the blanket to fit the direct surface area.  Now, whenever you want to use the pool you’ll need to remove the blanket and then put it on after the fact.  On the plus side, the blanket can also help keep leaves and dust out of your pool while it’s not in use.

There are two Amazon options to choose from that include free shipping!

3) Pool Heaters

There are a number of options to choose from including gas and electric heaters.  All of these cost significantly more and will need to be installed appropriately. The size of your pool will greatly impact what kind of heater you need.  If you’re really looking to have the option to swim all year round these are likely your best options.

Here are some options that can be ordered right off Amazon if you’ve got someone with the skills to install these heaters:

pool heater

Once you’ve got some extra warmth back in your pool, check out our recommended pool toys to help your children stay active in the water!

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