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3 Ways to Make Your Pool Warm

woman leaning on poolside

The weather has started heating up, but it still may take a little time for your home pool to heat up to a comfortable level.

You can help speed up the process with these 3 methods:

1) Liquid Blanket

This has a special formula that sits on the surface of your pool and creates a blanket that helps with evaporation and heat loss.

You’ll need to measure out the appropriate amount of formula for the number of gallons in your pool.


2) Solar Pill

This is similar to the liquid blanket above, but this doesn’t require measuring any chemicals. Just drop the Solar Pill in your skimmer basket and it does the rest!


3) Solar Blanket

The solar blanket is a lot more hassle than the above two options, but can be worth it because it is so effective.

When you first get your solar blanket, you’ll need to cut it to fit your pool. Then every time you use your pool, you’ll need to remove and replace the cover back on the surface. As a positive, it can also help keep debris out of your pool.


Once your pool begins to heat up, make sure you’ve got pool toys for your children to play with that help promote stronger swimming skills!

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