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5 Hair & Skin Products to Help You Survive the Summer

two women swimming with hair tied up

Being a swim lesson instructor might sound like it’s all fun and games, but the reality is I spend a lot of time in chlorinated water and the blazing sun that can wreck havoc on my skin, hair, and nails.

Here are my favorites to make surviving the summer:

1) Tangle-free hair ties

If you aren’t already using these coiled hair ties, you’re missing out! Normal elastic ties always get knotted in my hair and leave a terrible crease so I can’t rock my second day hair. These come out at the end of the day with ease and can be worn like a bracelet comfortably when not in use.

This particular 3-pack changes color in the sun!

2) Sunscreen

I have 2 different favorites here! This first one is for when I’m not in the water.

Aveeno’s Protect & Hydrate Sunscreen Lotion is phenomenal at moisturizing my skin after a long day of pool water. It’s my normal day sunscreen.

My in-the-water sunscreen happens to be this Neutrogena Sport Sunscreen. It goes on easily without a ton of rubbing in and doesn’t leave a gross feeling residue on my skin. I never get burnt (or a tan) when using this stuff. The spray also works in any direction – even upside down when trying to get your own back!

3) Callus eliminator

The pool decks and pool bottoms can be rough on my feet. This solution fixes all my troubles. Just soak your feet once a week and apply this solution. Let it sit for a couple minutes then scrub those rough spots away with a pumice stone.

4) Swimmer’s shampoo

Chlorine interacts with minerals in the water. This interaction can cause green copper particles to bond with light colored hair. This shampoo helps strip the green out, but it definitely isn’t meant to replace your daily quality shampoo.

5) Chlorine treatments for your hair

My most recent before and after with stylist Stefanie DeMuth

No matter the preventative steps I take to protect my hair, spending over 100 hours in the pool will cause its damage.

Stefanie DeMuth has you covered with a chlorine treatment that doesn’t require 6 inches of damaged hair being cut off. When I had my most recent treatment done, we could smell the chlorine as it was being stripped from my hair!

You can visit her website for more information or if you know what’s good for you, you’ll just book an appointment online here.

What are your favorite summer products? Tell me in the comments!

Some Amazon links above I may receive a small percentage of the sale made. This in no way increases your prices – it just helps support our small business!

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