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Here’s what we’re doing about COVID-19

We realize right now may be a worrisome time for you and your families.  We hope to put your mind at ease while the risk of COVID-19 may still be very possible.

Governor Doug Ducey provided guidance for facilities with pools and swim lessons here. The good news is that our program was built for this! We don’t have a facility with public spaces, we don’t have large groups, and there aren’t people coming and going between classes.

The Centers for Disease Control has reported that COVID-19 is not known to be transmitted via chlorinated pool water. A properly chlorinated pool should kill the COVID-19 virus and we need your help maintaining your pool chemistry!

While we realize Yuma County has a proclamation requiring face masks at this time, our instructors will not be wearing face masks in the water during swim lessons and neither should your family. Face masks are a danger when they get wet and will cause respiratory distress that may lead to drowning during swim activity.

Here’s what we are doing:

  • Social distancing will be maintained when possible, but swim lessons by nature are hands-on. A non-swimmer must still receive support in the water initially.
  • Feel free to ask your instructor to use a side gate to your yard to limit the contact they have inside your home and with your family.
  • Our swim lessons are almost always one on one or one on two with siblings from the same household.
  • We ask that families cancel lessons if the participants or someone in the family has been ill or has had contact with someone with COVID-19. Instructors may deny service if a participant is ill.
  • Instructors will also not work if they are ill. Instructors have also been in communication if they find out they had contact with someone who was COVID-19 positive and lessons are rescheduled until they are cleared to work. Instructors will meet state guidelines before returning to work.
  • Equipment is consistently in chlorinated water that cannot carry the virus, but we encourage you to provide your own supplies.  A kick-board, pool noodle, sinking toys, and a floating toy would be ideal.  We will still have equipment available for families who opt not to provide their own equipment.
  • Please use the same instructor throughout the summer. This will limit the exposure of your family and our instructors.
  • Instructors are given the discretion to cancel lessons if a pool is not properly maintained. A charge for the lesson and instructor’s time may still apply.

We will continue to evaluate the situation as it develops with COVID-19 and will promise to always strive for making the best decisions that keep your family water safe and all of us healthy.

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