Water safety is the responsibility of the whole family.  A few swimming lessons won’t stop the danger of water accidents.

Even the best swimmers can run into trouble and need assistance in the water. Your family is part of a team helping one another to avoid accidents around the water.  Let’s make sure your family is ready for the best of times in the water and can be best prepared to respond to an emergency should one arise.

This water safety class is designed to engage the entire family for an hour with educational conversations.  Following our educational conversation, we’ll visit the pool for hands-on time to practice water safety skills your entire family needs to know.

In water safety classes, we’ll talk about:

  • Specific hazards your home has around the pool
  • How to avoid pool-related injuries and drownings
  • What to do if you rescue someone who is/was drowning
  • What flotation devices your family can rely on
  • Answers to any specific questions you have about water safety

We’ll practice the following skills in the water:

  • What to do if someone needs help in the water
  • Basic swim strokes and techniques to strengthen swimming endurance
  • Appropriate diving positions and location(s) to prevent spinal injuries

Interested in having a water safety class for an organization or student group? Tell me more about your group so we can determine a class length and rate together.